Learn more about Kidney Cancer, the characteristics, potential diagnoses, options, treatments, etc. With more knowledge, one is better equipped to make important decisions.

Courtesy of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body
Kidney Cancer Details
How RCC starts and spreads
What type of cell starts this abnormal process?
Types of Kidney Cancer
Cause of kidney cancer

CT Scan

Early diagnosis is the key in any disease, especially Kidney Cancer!
Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Cancer
Detection and Diagnosis
Detection and Diagnosis Tests Explained
How is Kidney Cancer Staged?
  • The type of treatment your doctor recommends depends on the stage and your overall health.
  • Understand the difference between complementary and alternative therapies. Complementary refers to treatments that are used along with your regular medical care, whereas alternative treatments are used instead of a doctor’s medical treatment.
  • Treatment options are based on the stage of the cancer and generally include those listed below.
Targeted Therapies
Radiation Therapy
Ablation and Other Local Therapies
Cytokine Therapy
Clinical Trials
Pain Control
Nauseous Control