Who is the TE Hubbell Kidney Cancer Warrior Institute? What is its' Mission and Objectives? What's happening on the Research front!

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the TE Hubbell Kidney Cancer Warrior Institute is to promote better medical outcomes for patients with kidney cancer through improved communication, research, and education while maintaining the dignity and respect of patients, families, and caregivers.
Our objectives are designed to create educational resources and methodologies in addition to funding promising kidney cancer research.

  • Establish a donation network of national companies, organizations, and individuals.
  • Create educational materials which currently do not exist for dealing with and understanding kidney cancer.
  • Analyze and interpret current kidney cancer research data and relay it to the public in an easy to understand and comprehensive format.
  • Create a valuable educational conduit for medical professionals and research institutions.
  • Fund Research projects that support finding a cure!


On the Research Front …. Without a doubt, the number of kidney cancer cases is increasing. In addition, data shows that the number of grants and funding for kidney cancer research is below par when compared to other types of cancer. This HAS TO CHANGE! Read More->